Shopify Plus Vs. Magento Enterprise. Why Shopify Plus Is the Best Enterprise Platform For An Entrepreneur With Budgetary Constraints

Shopify Plus Is the Best Enterprise Platform

Shopify plus being the most popular enterprise e-commerce platform in the world will provide you with advanced features that will enable you to create a site that will enhance customers’ experience. Customers are the key to every successful business. With this, offering the best customers services on your website can drive traffic.

 In this essence, if you are finding success in your enterprise e-commerce business, you need to switch to Shopify plus. It is easy to use to enable you to create a professional site by yourself. Here are 4 reasons why Shopify plus is the best for entrepreneurs with budgetary constraints:

Shopify plus has a user-friendly interface

Having the ability to create a professional site by yourself is crucial as you will not require hiring a designer to perform the task for you. With Shopify plus, you can do everything alone. It comes with ready-made templates to allow you to build a site within a minute. Hence, you will not use the money to hire a designer who will charge you a tremendous amount of money. As an enterprise with budgetary constraints, you need to give Shopify a priority.

The Magento enterprise does not come with any template. Hence, you will start from the scratch which can be a difficult task for the starters. In this essence, they look for a professional to do the coding for them which cost them a lot of money.

Shopify plus has a cheaper pricing

Most of the entrepreneurs fear to start an online business due to their budgetary constraints. If you are among them, this should not worry you as Shopify plus is here to assist you. It is an affordable enterprise e-commerce platform. You will only pay a fixed amount of $ 2000 per month which covers the licensing and support fee.

For the Magento enterprise, you will pay up to $ 20,000. The amount will increase depending on your unique needs.

Shopify plus has integrated payment gateways

Making it easy for the customer to have a short check-out process is crucial as you can enhance their experience. Shopify plus comes with integrated payment gateways to allow customers to make purchases and payment quickly. On the other hand, Magento enterprise comes with no method of payment. With this, you will have to look for a third party to provide you with payment gateways. In this essence, Shopify becomes the best platform for entrepreneurs with budgetary constraints as you will not involve a third party which can cost you more money.

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