Shopify Plus Vs. Magento Enterprise. 4 Reasons Why Shopify Plus Is Multi-Channel Friendly

Shopify Plus Is Multi-Channel Friendly

Selling to multiple channels is crucial as you will create brand awareness. With this, you will increase customer base which can lead to an increase in sales. Also, having multiple channels will improve customers’ perception. By being available to different channels, you will show that you are responsive to customers’ needs. With this, customers will choose to purchase your products over your competitors’.

In this essence, by comparing Shopify plus Vs. Magento enterprise, Shopify becomes the best multi-channel friendliness. Magento plus does not come with any feature of selling to multiple channels. Here are 4 reasons why Shopify plus is a multi-channel friendly:

Shopify plus is highly scalable

Scalability is essential in every successful enterprise e-commerce platform as it can handle a vast amount of work. Selling to multi-channel leads to an increase in sales. Also, you will require managing a massive number of customers’ account. Having an assurance that your site will hold all your work is crucial. In this essence, Shopify plus should be your best platform as your site will not crash due to overloading. Crashing of websites can lead to loses and frustrations as customers can lose confidence on your site.

Shopify supports POS application

Every customer loves to shop from a store that will provide multiple payment methods which can be done using their mobile devices. Shopify plus has POS application that will allow you to configure numerous payment formats, send receipts via email, add custom text, and create discounts. With this, you will easily sell to multi-channel by using your mobile device or tablet.

Google Shopping App

Another great reason why Shopify plus is multi-channel friendly is the Google Shopping App which is not present in Magento enterprise. This App will synchronize to Google merchant center to allow sellers to update their Google product by listing it from the Shopify admin panel.

Shopify plus provides a robust analytic for all channels

Knowing the channels that are performing poorly and those that are best is crucial as you will know the channels to focus on. Shopify plus will provide you with an analytic for all channel on the Home Page of your Admin Panel. With this, you will list most of your products on the channels that have the most sales.


If you want to increase sales, you should consider using Shopify plus. It has advanced features that will enable you to sell on multiple channels. It has the inventory management feature that will automatically sync your products anytime customers make purchases in each channel. With this, you will know the items that are out-of-stock.

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