Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise: How Each Platform Handles Things

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Read how the two most popular enterprise ecommerce platforms Shopify and Magento handle things from multi-store management to merchandising. It is Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise!

Looking for an ecommerce platform can become a time-consuming process with so many different options on the market. If you have made your own research, you have probably discovered that Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise are two of the best ecommerce management software options on the market. The problem, however, is that they have different features you may prefer over another.

So, how do you decide which is better for your company? Before you make any decision, you will want to analyze your business needs, goals, and budget.


Now, it is time to take a look at how each enterprise ecommerce solution handles things from multi-store management to merchandising. It is Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise:


International locations

➢ Multi-store management

One detail you will notice about Shopify and Magento is they easily help manage multiple business-to-business stores. However, you will find some key differences in how simple they are to set up. According to some users, Shopify Plus is far simpler to set up for online store functionality making it the best alternative to Magento enterprise. On the other hand Magento earns extra points for managing inventory in multiple business locations. They allow you to manage and control multi brands from one interface. Another advantage is the ability to share the product catalogs across various channels. Shopify gets credit for its user simplicity, however, this platform can’t manage or control multiple locations as well as Magento.

➢ International locations

Magento Enterprise is probably the best ecommerce solution when it comes to managing international stores. Shopify Plus still has a lot of things to improve to manage multiple stores from one platform. It is possible to manage more than one store through Shopify in international locations, but we must say that Magento is the better choice here. It is great because you can check what is happening in each of your stores by using your mobile device on-the-go.

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➢ Merchandising

Both platforms are great when it comes to merchandising. You do everything you like with both platforms to help your merchandise look eye-catching to customers. You can add templates and themes to help complement the style of the products you offer. While Magento Enterprise offers more templates than Shopify, you will be surprised at how affordable these templates are. The templates can be customized to your company image and brand requirements. Shopify has a team of developers, responsible for creating modern, simple, and beyond amazing templates.

➢ Marketing & Payment systems

Magento Enterprise is focused on SEO or Search Engine Optimization, making their marketing features for your company top-tier. Shopify automates a lot of their SEO options. Both ecommerce solutions integrate with all your email marketing tools. You can make your online transactions and payments easy for your buyers through Shopify and Magento. Both platforms have fast checkout and collaborate with the major payment gateways.

➢ Plug-ins

When it comes to plug-ins and extensions, Magento beats Shopify. The Magento’s development team is larger than Shopify, however, before you use any extension, make sure it is updated recently and reviewed by Magento Community. Both ecommerce platforms offer free and paid applications and extensions.

If you want to grow your business the right way, choosing the best enterprise ecommerce platform is necessary. We hope this comparison Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise will help you decide which solution is better for your business, brand, and the products you sell.

Don’t make quick decisions, take some time to analyze, research, and compare, and once you are ready, you can pick the better option.


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